EDPS' traditional as well as on-going business is to provide information systems and services to selected markets where we are confident of retaining or achieving a true leadership position. These services include turnkey systems, software development, contract staff and standard package support.

Turnkey Systems

Our turnkey system services consists of :

  • consultancy
  • hardware selection
  • software development
  • implementation
  • review and enhancement

Software Development

EDPS provides system feasibility study, system design and even handle the implementation for the user. Only after the system is thoroughly tested and accepted by the user, we then hand the system over to the user.

Besides, we offer software services in a flexible combination comprising project management, system design and implementation. That means the user has the option of providing the project managers and system analysts, while EDPS arranges the programmers. Alternatively, the user can provide the programmers and we supply the system analysts.

Such flexibility is usually required by organisation with multiple projects to be implemented in a time frame that their regular technical staff cannot meet.


Software Development
Contract Staff Contract Staff

Secondment of project manager, system analysts, programmers, etc. for a contracted period can be hired at a fixed rate. During that time, the users have completed discretion regarding staff schedules.

This service relieves the user of immediate work load pressure but still keep the whole project under the user control and head-count within budget.

Our staffs have good experienced in market commonly used softwares and hardware platforms such as :
   - Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, DB2, etc.
Hardware and Operating System
   - IBM/MVS, Unix, VAX/VMS, Dos, Networking, Window, etc.
GUI tools
   - Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Foxpro, etc.

Our staffs are trained not only to be efficient in their jobs, they are pleasant and helpful in assisting the users to coordinate and organize all aspects of development and implementation of computer applications. This attitude towards quality and professional service is very much in line with EDPS philosophy - "Committed to Excellence".

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